How to Look Younger In Thirty Days?

Answer Many times when you do not take good care of yourself, you can age prematurely. You may have recently experienced a deeply stressful situation. Even if you are older, there are ways to knock off a ... Read More »

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Can you be in labor for thirty days?

Who was better looking Elvis or MJ (in their younger days)?

They were both good looking but Micheal Jackson was really Good Looking!!! :)

If you recently moved to a new apartment in a new state and canceled your previous policy less than thirty days ago if something happens will the previous policy still cover damages?

No. Coverage stops the day set for cancel and is specific to residence. The damage would have to be at the residence on file within the cancellation duration.

If you have two kids one younger and one older should you give the younger one more attention?

No, you should give the elder one and the younger one equal attention. If you give the younger one all the attention, the older one would be more jealous, angry, and mean to the younger one. If you... Read More »