How to Look Up the Wheel Size of a Car?

Answer Having the correct wheel, or tire size, on your vehicle helps ensure that the car functions safely, handles well and drives smoothly. There are many ways of looking up the wheel size of your car --... Read More »

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Does Wheel Size Determine the Tire Size?

Yes. The size is marked on the tire wall with a number similar to this: P185/75 R-14. This tire fits on a 14-inch diameter rim. However, this same wheel may take tires of different width (185mm) an... Read More »

How to Measure Wheel Hub Size?

The wheel hub on a vehicle is the central rotating part that holds the wheel in place. Wheel hubs can be attached to wheel bearings on some vehicles that have CV shafts or stub axles. On other vehi... Read More »

How to Set the Wheel Size in a Bike Computer?

Generally, you can look to your tire's sidewall to locate its size, match this number--usually something like 700 X 23 or 26 X 2.0--to a code in your bike computer's owner's manual and follow these... Read More »

Does Wheel Size Affect Gas Mileage?

There are many things you can do to maximize fuel efficiency in a vehicle. Tires play a role and tire size can slightly affect your gas mileage.