How to Look Up Ford Windstar DTC Code P1744?

Answer Your vehicles owner's manual will not have definitions for On-Board Diagnostic trouble code P1744. You can either buy a specialized OBD-II manual, or you can look the code up online. Using the Int... Read More »

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How to Check a Ford Windstar DTC Trouble Code?

DTC stands for diagnostic trouble code. The Ford Windstar’s onboard computer checks various systems during each drive cycle and if anything registers improperly, the computer generates a DTC. The... Read More »

How Do I Check a Trouble Code on a Ford Windstar?

Since the early '90s cars have been able to display diagnostic trouble codes to help drivers determine what might be going wrong with them. These codes reveal running-condition problems, emissions-... Read More »

Can you use 10-40 oil in your Ford Windstar?

On One Hand: It's Not the Recommended WeightFor most temperatures in the United States, 10-30 weight oil is recommended for cars, pickups and minivans, including the Ford Windstar. The 30 stands fo... Read More »

How much can a ford windstar tow?

According to the Ford Motor Company, a 2002 Ford Windstar equipped with a 3.8L SPI engine, can pull 2,000 lbs. A Windstar equipped with an SEFI V6 and featuring a Class II towing package can pull 3... Read More »