How to Look Taller and Thinner if you are Petite?

Answer If you are petite, you can make yourself look taller. Because you can't surgically add height to your small frame, you need to create the illusion of height and slenderness with your clothing, shoe... Read More »

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How to Look Thinner and Taller?

So, you'd like to look thinner and taller -- it's not as hard as it sounds. A few tips can make it happen.

What Kind of Shorts Look Good on Petite Woman?

Petite women can wear shorts just like their taller friends, but like anything else, petite shoppers need to choose carefully when selecting shorts and short pants. All shorts are not created equal... Read More »

How to Look Instantly Thinner?

The fashion industry often pushes the ideal of being slender. So nearly everyone, especially most women, want to look thinner without having to do strenuous exercises or stay on strict diets. Learn... Read More »

How to Look Thinner in Photos?

Many people worry about their overall appearance and any extra weight they may have. This fear is often magnified when photos are taken. Whether you're at your perfect weight or overweight, an unfl... Read More »