How to Look Smarter (for Women)?

Answer A woman's overall look can express a lot at first glance. Many women want to look smart in order to be taken seriously, whether they're in the business world or in a casual situation. Looking intel... Read More »

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Y do women think there smarter then men , all men?

After reading the phrasing of your question, I can see why you would have doubts.

Will fat women admit: fat women attack women that are fit,show skin and wear short skirts and are attractive?

At a local country club with 84 members there are half as many women as there are men the next month 8 women join and the ratio of women to men is now 3 to 4 How many men joined or left?

No it isnt.........they are exactly of the same size.....its just the color difference......

I want to play the game are you smarter than a fifth grader Could you tell me an appropriate website for kids to play are you smarter than a fifth grader on the internet?