How to Look Skinny In Photos?

Answer Like most people, you probably have a horrible picture of yourself that makes you exclaim, "Do I really look like that!?!" Many people dread stepping in front of the camera because of the potential... Read More »

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How to Have a Fierce Look or Soft Look when Taking Photos?

Modeling is fun, but it can be hard to get the looks right. Here's a simple guide to be a great model.

Why do I look handsome in photos, but when I look on the mirror all I see is ugliness?

bro tbh no ones rlly tht pretty its all make up and photo shop on media, yes there are girls tht r hot n all but their also using make up to hide their pimples or other problems so dont lose confid... Read More »

How to Look Skinny?

Everyone wants to change something about their body, and for most women, its their weight or appearance.

Do i look like im too skinny?

Bro your the right size. Your friends must be a bit bigger. Just work out, not all girls like big buff guys. You don't want to look like ronnie off the Jersey Shore do you? If so have at it, but ju... Read More »