How to Look Pretty in Pictures?

Answer Looking pretty in pictures is all about practicing and knowing what looks best on you and your body. Never underestimate a pretty photo however that shows off your winning personality. Confidence a... Read More »

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I look pretty in the morrning then after a few hours at school i look disgusting?

to keep your face from 'melting' try using an oil obsorbing serum before you put on makeupit keeps your face dry thoughtout the day so you dont get any smudgesalso, try wearing LESS makeup!school i... Read More »

Am i pretty (Pictures)?

HOW DO YOU GET YOUR HAIR!?that is to die for! you are so pretty 10/10

Am i pretty with pictures?

Wow, I personally dig the psycho stalker crazy killer look on a girl...I think it is completely underrated. I guess it is because not many women can pull it off as good as you...(Please don't eat ... Read More »

Is my friend pretty (pictures included)?

No. She is not pretty. She is beautiful.She has a wonderful face, a gorgeous body and lovely hair. If I were anywhere near her age I would be panting after her like a thirsty dog looking for a b... Read More »