How to Look At People's "Likes" on Facebook?

Answer Facebook's "Like" feature allows each user of the site to register his interest in entertainment, politics, businesses and other entities by becoming "fans" of pages dedicated to said interests, wh... Read More »

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How do you view peoples videos on facebook ?

You have to find it before you can view it, ask her to send you the link to it. Maybe it is on youtube...

If someone blocked me on Facebook, can they see what I comment on other peoples' posts?

Nope, they can't. They can only see their friends talking to themselves. Haha.

On facebook ,how do you get peoples name to highlight in blue when you write in your status?

Type this sign: @ and then the first few letters of their name immediately after. A dropdown box should appear and you can choose a friend.For example, if their facebook name was Ashley Smith, type... Read More »

Why don't I get a lot of likes in Facebook?

I used to worry about that too until I realized I was focusing on something that really didn't matter and was actually really stupid. So instead of trying to get more likes, I did more things that ... Read More »