How to Look After a Persian Cat?

Answer In this article you will learn how to look after a Persian cat or kitten!

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What's the best English to Persian or Persian to English dictionary for mobile?

Farsi to English: to Farsi:لغتنامه_ا…

How to Groom a Persian Cat?

Persian cats have the most fur out of any cat around. They often need extensive care with grooming and are easy to brush, because of their mild temperament and willingness to be groomed. These cats... Read More »

How to Buy Persian Rugs?

Whether you're searching for a new room or want to spice up an old, a great quality, hand woven Persian rug can do just the trick. These rugs are slowly becoming a lost art, and the best ones tell ... Read More »

How do I tell Persian rugs?

Count the KnotsFlip the Persian rug over, and temporarily mark a 1-inch square using a straight-edged item. Count the knots within the square. A knot count of less than 400 is considered to "fine."... Read More »