How to Log Into a D-Link DIR-615 Router?

Answer The D-Link DIR-615 is a combination wired/wireless router designed to allow multiple computers to connect to a single broadband Internet connection via both Ethernet cables and wireless cards. You ... Read More »

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How to Use a D-Link Router?

If you own a laptop or other wireless device, you're not using the device's full potential if you are still plugging directly into your modem for Internet access. You can use a D-Link router to he... Read More »

Well i have a D-Link Router and i am getting a new comp?

yes you can get an usb adapter, but tend to be limited over long distances, most are line of site. Cost for them is about $39 bucks. Might be easier to get a better router like linksys and get an a... Read More »

Does the PS3 need a router to system link?

Two or more PlayStation 3s cannot be connected for system link solely through their network ports. To connect the systems together, the PS3s require a hub, router or switch.Source:PlayStation 3 Kno... Read More »

How to Open Ports on a D-Link DIR-655 Router?

The D-Link DIR-655 router comes with a Web-based configuration page that enables users to change the router settings. Routers automatically block certain inbound and outbound ports from communicati... Read More »