How to Log Into Zangle?

Answer Zangle is web-based software that serves to keep students, parents, teachers and administrators connected. With this software students and parents can find current information about grades, assignm... Read More »

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If you go into an Army ROTC in college can you go into the Marine Corps after you graduate?

What would happen if I put Vodka into an IV bag and injected it into my body?

You'd get real drunk without having to worry about gag reflexing while swallowing! Would probably have a huge headache in the morning still though.

A slug entered into my rectum and a cockroach into my ear last night while I was sleeping...?

If the idiot spammer on this page had bothered to read the question they would have realised that it is a joke - and as for the poster - CAN YOU TELL US HOW A COCKROACH CRAWLS INTO YOUR EAR AND BEC... Read More »

My mother-in-law is comming into town tommorow and is a Vegan. How can I trick her into eating meat...?

Why do you want to hurt her ?This is not a good way to get close to your in-laws.