How to Log Into WinSCP on Your iPod Touch?

Answer By default, your iPod touch file system is locked by Apple. In order to access your iTouch files, you need to jailbreak your iPod and use a software such as WinSCP. WinSCP is a FTP software that al... Read More »

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How do you turn your iPhone 3g into an iPod touch?

iPhone 3g is an iPod touch and more. I don't see why you'd want to turn it into an iPod touch, even if that was possible.^^^ that answer is lame. Best I can figure so far is to pull out the sim car... Read More »

How to Turn Your iPod Touch Into an iPhone?

"What Iphone is that?" "Oh dude, this is just an iTouch" "Oh..."Admit it, everyone knows the feeling when your iphone is just not quite an iphone yet. With these steps, it will be.

How to Keep People from Getting Into Your iPod Touch?

Are you worried that people are going to get into your iPod Touch? Or do you just want to get security for your iPod Touch? Then, this is the article for you!

What is the cable called that you use to plug your iPod touch into the computer?