How to Log In as Administrator in User Accounts?

Answer Hi,You don't say which operating system you are using?However for Vista here is a site with the answer :-…There is another site here with a method that sho... Read More »

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How to Change the User Account for an Administrator?

Computer administrators on Windows computers have a login name and password that identify them on the system. The admin account is used and seen in system logs, lists of active users, permission di... Read More »

How do I add an administrator user to the Windows 2000 server?

Log InLog in to the Windows 2000 server under an administrator's account. Navigate to the Control Panel folder and double-click on the option for "Users and Passwords."Add New UserSelect the Admini... Read More »

How to Delete User Accounts?

The User Account feature on Windows allows several users to use one computer, each with their own individual desktop and workspace. User accounts are managed by a system administrator and can be as... Read More »

I cannot access my floppy drive. I am the only user on a home computer, says I need an administrator. HELP?

it does not always mean that because you are only the one using the PC you are the administrator. that's why it asked you to contact your administrator which means you weren't, though you are only ... Read More »