How to Lockdown Schools?

Answer We expect that our children are protected when they are in school. Unfortunately, violence in society has spilled over into our schools. The safety of the school may be compromised from either an i... Read More »

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How to Be Safe in a Lockdown?

A school lockdown is when the school 'locks down' because there is a dangerous and potentially armed intruder on school grounds. School lockdowns can be very scary - even if they are just drills; b... Read More »

How to Be Calm During a Lockdown?

Does your school do lock-down drills? Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a real lock down. What would you do? Here is some tips to keep yourself calm in case of a lockdown.

How to Tell if a Lockdown Is a Drill or Not (at School)?

You're sitting in class, maybe in the hallway, when suddenly over the loudspeaker you hear "go to your class now. This is a lockdown." But is it a drill, or real? This is how you tell.

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