How to Lock Pictures on an HD2?

Answer The HTC HD2 phone comes with a 4.3-inch pixel display. This display screen allows you to view your photos and videos up close and personal. You may also lock up your pictures when you are not using... Read More »

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Is it possible to change a dial combination lock to an electric key punch lock?

Ann, The short answer is yes. The long answer is; how difficult depends on the lock that is currently installed, and the operating bolt work. Some safes are directly retrofitable, and some safes m... Read More »

You can get into a lock window from the outside I just did in a matter of seconds it depends on your lock?

You mention cracking the window. If someone is willing to break the glass, no lock in the world is worth squat on a window. Assuming the glass is intact, even a CHEAP window lock is not that easy... Read More »

I am always forgetting to lock my locker after I leave school. Where can I find a fingerprint-scanning lock?

fingerprint scanner or not, it won't lock itself.

Can a line lock be used to lock front brakes?

Yes, front-brake line-lock installs are very common. A front brake line lock is generally used to hold the car in place while the driver does a burnout. Such a setup won't usually hold the car whil... Read More »