How to Locate the Traction Control Module on a 2001 BMW Z3?

Answer The traction control module (TCM) in a 2001 BMW Z3 roadster is part of the traction control system. The TCM monitors collect data from the wheel and transmission speed sensors in order to determine... Read More »

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How to take off the traction control permanently on a 2001?

Just smoke the tires enough so that with the computers help or not, the tires will not get any traction.

How to Locate an Ignition Control Module?

The ignition control module of your vehicle is located inside the distributor housing in the engine compartment and is designed to monitor and regulate the ignition coil's firing time. The control ... Read More »

How to Replace the Volvo 2001 S80 ABS Control Module?

Anti-lock brakes make your vehicle safer by preventing your brakes from locking up and causing your Vovlo S80 to skid when stopping. Cars equipped with ABS are able to stop 25 percent more quickly... Read More »

How to Locate the Electronic Control Unit Ignition Module Computer Brain Box in a 1990 Dodge D150?

The PCM or powertrain control module in your D150 is a small computer that acts as a brain for your truck's electrical system and various mechanical components. Every action that your truck perfor... Read More »