How to Locate the Thesis Statement?

Answer A thesis statement represents the main point of a research paper, essay, opinion piece or other type of expository writing. Locating and developing a strong thesis statement will determine your eff... Read More »

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Difference Between a Thesis and a Thesis Statement?

A thesis and a thesis statement are interconnected, but are different things. The word "thesis" often refers to a "thesis paper," an assignment that is given to students pursuing a master's degree ... Read More »

How to Construct a Thesis Statement?

Writing a research or persuasive paper requires you to begin with a convincing statement of what you are studying and what you believe true. Creating a paper begins with a brief introduction of a s... Read More »

Where does the thesis statement go in a paper?

A thesis statement tells the reader your point of view on the subject matter. It is typically placed in the introduction at the end of the first paragraph and provides a brief glimpse as to what th... Read More »

What is a good thesis statement?

You've been up all night trying to finish your paper. After many drafts, tireless effort and a dozen shots of espresso, your thesis is the last part remaining. But don't start celebrating too soon.... Read More »