How to Locate the Starter on a 2000 Corvette?

Answer Your 2000 Chevy Corvette is equipped with a 5.7-liter V8 engine that has not changed much over the years. The starter on the Corvette has one function, to turn the engine over using power from the ... Read More »

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How to Locate the Starter on a 2000 Nissan Frontier?

The starter on the Nissan Frontier is a motor that is connected to the battery that runs the ignition process of the truck. When you turn the key to start the truck, this will send an electrical si... Read More »

How to Install a Corvette Starter?

The Chevrolet Corvette was first produced in 1953 and production continues today. Every model year is equipped with an electric starter to start the engine. The starters consist of the starter mot... Read More »

How to Replace a Starter in a C4 Corvette?

The Corvette C4 was a model manufactured by Chevrolet from 1984 through 1996. The C4 was marked by a convertible roof and a high-powered 405-horsepower engine. If your C4 doesn't start and the batt... Read More »

Where is the starter located in the'84 Corvette?

The 1984 Chevrolet Corvette starter is on the bottom transmission bell-housing. It can be located by following the positive battery terminal cable from the battery, which is in the driver's side wh... Read More »