How to Locate the Flasher Button Inside the PT Crusier?

Answer Turning on the hazard flashers is an important step towards safety if the PT Cruiser has a mechanical breakdown or flat tire on the side of the road. The flashers will blink constantly to make othe... Read More »

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How to Locate the Emergency Flasher Button Inside of a PT Crusier?

One of the risks of owning a vehicle is having an emergency on the road, or breaking down. If you have a problem when driving your PT Cruiser, engage the hazard warning lights to help other drivers... Read More »

How to Locate the Flasher in the 2000 Grand Am GT?

The 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT uses a combination hazard switch that controls both the hazards and the turn signals. The switch acts as both a relay, controlling the interruption of electrical signal... Read More »

How to Locate the Turn Signal Flasher on a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The Pontiac Grand Prix's storied history dates back to 1962, when Pontiac first released the full-size sedan. By time 1990 rolled around, the Grand Prix had undergone many changes. The biggest chan... Read More »

Is a Belly Button connected to Anything inside You?

Your belly button is your very first scar. It's scar tissue left over from where the umbilical cord joined you to your mother's placenta when you were in her womb. Just like fingerprints, no two be... Read More »