How to Locate the Auto MFG Paint Code?

Answer Every vehicle has a MFG paint code that provides specific information about the color and style of paint the manufacturers used on the vehicle. This makes it possible to perfectly match the color o... Read More »

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How To Locate the Paint Code on a Subaru Outback?

Using the right paint will help keep your Outback looking new when you touch up scratches and flakes. Each paint color is assigned a code that can be found on a small plate on the vehicle; bring th... Read More »

How do I find auto paint color code using a vin?

Locating Your VINLocate your vehicle's ID tag that all manufacturers are required by law to place on every vehicle. The tag is usually located on the inside of the drivers door jam or frame post. C... Read More »

How to Find Auto Paint Color Code Using a VIN?

If you're considering a fresh coat of paint on your car but you want to make sure that you match your current paint job precisely, you'll need to find the color code. One way you can find this code... Read More »

How Do I Locate the Radio Code in a 1995 BMW 318?

In the 1990s, BMW began using codes in the stereos of its cars to make it more difficult for thieves to use the radios. This is a valid theft deterrent, but it also means that if the radio is disco... Read More »