How to Locate an O2 Sensor for a 2000 Dakota 3.9L Engine?

Answer The O2 sensors in your 2000 Dodge Dakota read the percentage of oxygen in the exhaust gases and send that information to the trucks PCM, or computer. The computer takes that information and adjusts... Read More »

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How to Locate an O2 Sensor on a 2000 Dakota?

The O2 sensor on a 2000 Dakota monitors the exhaust coming out of the engine. The exhaust contains contaminates that are considered pollution. So, the Dakota is equipped with two O2 sensors which w... Read More »

How to Change the O2 Sensor on a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

The oxygen sensor is an integral part of your Dakota’s emissions system. It monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. When an O2 sensor fails, your Dakota may hesitate or your fuel mileage ma... Read More »

How to Locate the Knock Sensor on the Maxima Engine?

The Maxima engine is fuel injected and will not run without the knock sensor. If the knock sensor malfunctions, the vehicle may go into "limp home" mode, so that you can get it home or to a service... Read More »

How to Locate the Crankshaft Sensor on a Chevrolet 2.2L Engine?

The crankshaft sensor on a Chevrolet 2.2-liter engine is an electromagnetic device that measures the position of the engine's crankshaft and relays this data to the powertrain control module (PCM).... Read More »