How to Locate a Stud in a Stucco Wall?

Answer You've got an awning or a garden hose holder to attach to the outside of the house, but you've got stucco walls. To properly secure these items to a stucco wall, you need to find the studs inside. ... Read More »

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How to locate a stud and screw it?

How to Cut a Stucco Wall?

Quality masonry blades for circular saws cut stucco easily and offer an efficient way to cut a stucco wall. Masonry and diamond blades are available for every size of circular saw and in degrees of... Read More »

How to Apply Stucco to a Wall?

Whether you need to patch a hole in existing stucco or you want to add stucco to your current exterior wall, stucco is an ideal material for outdoor surfaces, due to its water resistance and painta... Read More »

How to Construct a Stucco Wall?

Stucco is a method of applying a cement compound to walls or ceilings that gives the surface a rough, textured look. It's a great way to hide imperfections on a wavy old plaster wall, and can reall... Read More »