How to Locate Water When DIY Water Well Drilling?

Answer Homeowners install water wells on their property for both drinking water and irrigation. One of the biggest challenges in well installation is finding the water-bearing zone within the aquifer. The... Read More »

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Is drilling your own water well legal in Pennsylvania?

It is legal to drill your own water well in Pennsylvania without a license, provided that you are drilling on land that you own. If you are living in a home on leased land, you are also allowed to ... Read More »

Well water pump pressure drops when we open water tap it goes from 60 psi to 10 psi seconds of opening tap?

A water pressure regulator is a plumbing safety feature which is designed to prevent water pressure from climbing too high while also ensuring that the pressure remains high enough for consistent f... Read More »

How do you tell if your water tank is water logged and what are the symptoms of the water well pump if this occurs?

Answer if your water tank is water logged the pump will kick on almost immediatly when the water tap is opened, and will kick off shortly after it is closed.Water cannot be compressed. The air in... Read More »

Why would the hot water valve suddenly shut off the flow of water When you close it and open it again it is fine This happens mostly when the dishwasher calls for water?

Answer could be a lack of pressure, or a lime blockage in the seat of the valve, turn water off to valve, remove the stem, turn water on then back off, this might clear any blockage,