How to Locate Tea Leaves From Fortune Telling?

Answer Reading tea leaves is a fortune telling art known as tasseography or teomancy. It involves using spent tea leaves to read a persons fortune. It may also be done with a pinch of coffee grounds added... Read More »

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Gypsy Techniques for Fortune-Telling?

Though there isn't a generally accepted history of the Gypsies, or "Roma" people, it is widely believed that the term "Gypsies" originated as "'Gyptians." 'Gyptians was a shortened form of "Egypti... Read More »

Fortune Telling Halloween Party Game Ideas?

No Halloween party worthy of the name is complete without the gypsy fortune teller - and if you, or someone you know, is good with crystal balls, tarot cards or palm readings, by all means set up a... Read More »

How is the fortune put inside the fortune cookie?

A fortune cookie is a crisp and sweet treat typically served after a meal in Chinese restaurants across America and many other countries like Britain, Mexico and France. The fortunes often offer en... Read More »

Trying to locate brother missing for 3 years. He may be dead but I don't know. How do I locate him?

She had three brothers (Donald, Sam, and John), and one sister, Della. I know Donald was older than her (he was born in 1895, she in 97), but I'm not sure about the others. Does that help?