How to Locate Someone With Their Previous Address?

Answer You always meant to keep in touch with your college roommate but life got in the way. Now, years down the road, just when life slows down enough for you to think, you write her a letter. It returns... Read More »

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Can you locate someone by their IP address?

The IP (Internet Protocol) address of a computer refers to its specific location or identity on a computer network such as the Internet. You can use the IP address of a computer to identify the geo... Read More »

How to Locate Someone by Their Last Known Address?

Locating a long-lost friend, relative, former lover or other person by their last known address is possible in several ways. The Internet is the fastest way to accomplish the search. You should b... Read More »

Can you locate someone with their national insurance number?

No. My best friend is bi-polar and has only been with one woman for his entire life.

How many ways could I ruin someone with their I.P. address?

Having a persons IP address is nothing more than saying, I stole your "Hello, My Name Is" tag... The IP addres simply is the logical address on the internet where your computer lives. Infact, ANYON... Read More »