How to Locate Information in Encyclopedias?

Answer Before the age of the internet and the advent of search engines, information was available in print. Encyclopedias were published each year, and they included basic information on a variety of subj... Read More »

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Is wikipedia as reliable as other encyclopedias for information and facts?

Its really up to you on what you want to define as reliable. Many of its articles are reliable, but popular ones get vandalised quite often. Its important to always check the sources. I would alway... Read More »

How to Locate Information on How to Write Grants?

Grant writing is a useful skill that can provide you with the ability to earn thousands of dollars a year for your company, organization, or personal pursuits. Grant writing can also be a lucrative... Read More »

How do you locate information on a US Naval officer?

See if they have a Facebook page, Myspace page, or Twitter page where they might have some information posted. The DoD does not make information about service members in active service available to... Read More »

How to Locate Information About a Defunct or Closed School?

Over the course of time, some schools may be forced to close because of low enrollment or budget difficulties. If you are a graduate of a school that has since closed, obtaining academic or financi... Read More »