How to Locate Fractions & Decimals on a Number Line?

Answer The ability to locate fractions and decimals on a number line shows that you understand how numbers relate to each other, and that you are able to visualize the order of numbers. Before attempting ... Read More »

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How to Compare Fractions & Decimals on a Number Line?

Math is often one of the most difficult elementary school subjects to grasp. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers are some of math's basic operations. Understanding fractions and d... Read More »

How to Convert Decimals to Fractions With a Whole Number?

Whole numbers count things. Decimals and fractions exist to describe the measure of quantities. Fractions and decimals make it possible to divide four things into five equal parts or even 147 thing... Read More »

How to Help With Number Line Fractions?

As students progress in their math classes, they will have to start applying basic concepts from one area to different areas of study. For example, they may need to apply their knowledge of fractio... Read More »

How to Add and Subtract Fractions on a Number Line?

A number line is a horizontal line that extends to infinity in both directions. Each point on a number line represents a unit of measurement. The center point on the line is the origin, represented... Read More »