How to Locate Cellular Towers?

Answer Cell phone towers provide signals to cellular users in a certain area. The number of cell phone towers that exist continues to go up to compensate for the large number of mobile phone users. Cellul... Read More »

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Does highspeed wireless internet need cellular towers to work?

You don't need to rely on cellular towers to get high-speed wireless Internet to work. But you need a wireless card in your computer and access to a wireless modem or router in order to connect you... Read More »

Trying to locate brother missing for 3 years. He may be dead but I don't know. How do I locate him?

She had three brothers (Donald, Sam, and John), and one sister, Della. I know Donald was older than her (he was born in 1895, she in 97), but I'm not sure about the others. Does that help?

How tall are oil towers?

According to Solar Navigator, a website that educates students on renewable energy, typical oil towers like the Brent Spar stand around 449 feet tall while large platforms like The Petronius, locat... Read More »

Who invented towers?

Towers weren't invented by any particular person or group but instead developed in many cultures throughout history. Some of the best known examples of early towers are the ziggurats built by a var... Read More »