How to Locate Bankruptcy Judgments in Louisiana?

Answer Bankruptcy courts are part of the federal court system. Each state has at least one bankruptcy court. In Louisiana, there are two districts: western and eastern. In most cases, bankruptcy informati... Read More »

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Does a Bankruptcy Clear Judgments?

If you have one or more court judgments against you, bankruptcy can offer some protection against your judgment creditor or creditors. While bankruptcy cannot remove a judgment from public records ... Read More »

Does bankruptcy remove judgments?

According to Robert J. Hoglund of the Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik law firm, bankruptcy removes the debt so it can not be collected, but the record of judgment will remain. You may be able to rem... Read More »

Does bankruptcy eliminate judgments?

Generally, bankruptcy immediately eliminates most judgments. Some judgments are considered exceptions, however, and are not dischargeable. These include student loans, child support orders, governm... Read More »

Can judgments be discharged in bankruptcy?

According to U.S. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Code, filing bankruptcy discharges most of an individual's debts, including judgments. However, not all debts are eligible to be discharged. Such debts includ... Read More »