How to Load a SIM Card in an LG Incite?

Answer The LG Incite uses a SIM card containing important information about the cellphone. You need to insert this card before you can use the phone, as you will be unable to get service without the card ... Read More »

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Can you load a sd card with pictures with out a camera?

yes, i just cant do it lol, my husband says plug it into the comp. which ive done, it has a lil spot to put it in, no camera needed, however ive done what he said which was go to start,computer, an... Read More »

How to Load Garmin Maps on an SD Card?

Handheld global positioning systems (GPS) afford you the luxury of always knowing the right road to travel, even in unfamiliar locations. Because many handheld GPS units feature SD capability, you ... Read More »

How do I load a debit card for the PS3 store?

Via ConsoleScroll over to the PlayStation Network logo on your PlayStation 3 system and click the "X" button. A new menu will appear below. Scroll down to Account Management. Click "X" again. Click... Read More »

How do you connect LG Incite to Wi-fi?