How to Load Test a Motorcycle Battery?

Answer Testing a motorcycle battery with a voltmeter is a fairly easy task that will provide a basic picture of the battery's health. This static testing method can only tell you so much. A load test, whi... Read More »

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DIY Car Battery Load Test?

An underperforming battery will fail to properly run the starter motor on your vehicle. But to properly determine its internal components have gone bad, you can perform a quick and simple battery l... Read More »

How to Load-Test a Car Battery?

Load testing a car battery is a diagnostic procedure used to determine if the battery has enough amperage to engage the starter and other accessories on the vehicle. The battery has voltage, which ... Read More »

How to Do a Battery Load Test?

Battery load testing involves measuring the amperes produced by a charged battery and is particularly relevant for vehicle batteries. The battery in a car or truck needs to produce high amperes to ... Read More »

Battery Load Test vs. Electronic Tester?

Batteries are used for many devices, from digital cameras to remote control toys. You can check the voltage to see how much power remains, or if the battery is even functioning, in two different ways.