How to Load Test Auto Batteries?

Answer One of the main purposes of the battery in an automobile is to start the engine. Once the engine is running the alternator charges the battery, which powers the vehicle's electrical system. Load te... Read More »

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How do you load batteries into a Canon sure shot 70 mm zoom camera?

Turn the camera over. At the right is a small cover with an indent just beside where the strap is fastened. If you look into the indent you will see BATT in the plastic. Pry this cover open and the... Read More »

How to Check an Auto Battery for Load?

An automotive battery is the backbone of the automotive electrical system. A properly functioning battery must be installed in the automobile for an automobile's electrical system to work properly.... Read More »

How to Rebuild Auto Batteries?

You've probably disposed of several "dead" car batteries thinking you can't rebuild them, but in many cases you actually can. Car batteries usually have six individual cells that contain lead plate... Read More »

How to Refurbish Auto Batteries?

Auto battery sales in the United States are in the billions of dollars each year. To cut back on environmental waste from the disposal of auto batteries -- and to save a few dollars -- you can refu... Read More »