How to Load My iPod Library Onto Another iPod?

Answer If you've recently updated your iPod to a newer model, you can easily transfer your music from the old iPod to the new device. To complete the transfer of music, you use iTunes, which you likely al... Read More »

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How do I load a movie onto an iPod?

iTunesDownload iTunes onto your computer from the Apple website if it is not installed. This program works best with the iPod to help organize your computer's digital media.ConnectingConnect the wi... Read More »

How to Load Games Onto Your iPod?

Have you ever had trouble loading games that you bought off itunes onto your ipod? This article will explain how.

How to Load Mpeg4 Files onto an iPod?

Your iPod features playback for your digital videos as well as your digital music library. The iPod and other Apple devices are not compatible with every type of video file, but they do support MPE... Read More »

How can you get music from itunes library onto your ipod?

First you highlight the songs that you want to download (press shift and move up or down while holding the left mouse button to highlight several items). Then you release mouse button then click an... Read More »