How to Live on Public Land?

Answer Building permanent structures to live in one spot in national forest areas in the United States is prohibited by law. But a temporary, nomadic existence is possible as long as you adhere to the thr... Read More »

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Do you need public liability insurance if you own land with a public footpath running through it?

Answer Absolutely! You should have a general liability policy because YOU can be held liable and will be named in a lawsuit if any bodily injury or property damage occurs to a third party on that ... Read More »

The Public Land Act of 1796?

No, it must be appealed to the C.O. of the military branch (i.e.: The Pentagon) you were discharged from.The above answer is incorrect. Former members can apply to have their characterization of se... Read More »

How much of Montana is public land?

Forty percent of the land in Montana is publicly owned. About 30 percent is federal land, 4 percent is Indian Trust Land and about 6 percent belongs to the state. Public land includes state and nat... Read More »

Where is the most public land for hunting?

Alaska, the largest of the 50 states, has the most publicly owned land, and most of it is available for hunting. In the lower 48 states, Montana has more than 30 million acres designated as open to... Read More »