How to Listen to a Pmr446 Walkie Talkie/Radio Via Your Normal FM Radio?

Answer If you own a 446 radio you have probably experienced this problem-you're in the car talking to friend via your radio but the volume is drowned out by ambient noise even when on maximum. This articl... Read More »

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Is it possible to listen to the police frequency on a normal household radio?

You used to be able to, but now the signals are digitally scrambled, and you need the right equipment and coding to unscramble the signal. You can always try stealing one off a policeman. £10 says... Read More »

How do you listen to the TV over the radio like at the gym- I want to watch TV from my treadmill at home but listen to it through my headphones?

How do I make a walkie-talkie from a radio?

you have half of the project, now you need the transmitter.building a transmitter is difficult for trained engineers, it is impossible for the rest.If you need cheap communications, go to WalMart a... Read More »

How to Talk on a Radio (Walkie Talkie)?

This is how to talk on a radio or walkie talkie for business or group use.