How to List More Than One Source in a Footnote?

Answer Footnoting citation style entails numbering each reference in a text to an outside source with a superscript number or a number in brackets, beginning with "1." On the same page as the reference, t... Read More »

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I need a more reliable source than Wikipedia.?

Once you're done researching the definition of taurine and finding out some more information about it, could you go back to the Wikipedia entry and correct any misinformation, errors, or omissions ... Read More »

How to Footnote a Secondary Source?

Research papers require several sources in order to make them credible, and each source must be documented in order to avoid plagiarism. Secondary sources, such as newspapers, Web sites, journals a... Read More »

List of Insects That Carry More Than Their Own Weight?

Animals are often a source of wonder because of the relationship between their size and strength. Sometimes when talking about strength, people think it is always relative to size. For instance, ma... Read More »

More states have an age of consent of 18 than 16 so why does wikipedia list 16 as most common age?

Maybe the USA and it's states aren't the entire world for Wikipedia?.The age of consent in much of Europe (and certainly Britain) is more generally 16. And the age of legality for alcohol is normal... Read More »