How to List Many Items on eBay?

Answer If you wish to sell more than one identical item on eBay, an obvious solution is to create a new listing for each one. Doing so could be extremely time-consuming, however, even if you copy and past... Read More »

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Does Ebay classifieds charge anything to list items on there?

Hey Ace!Barring you don't use any of the listing upgrade features (photos, borders, bold, subtitles, etc.) Ebay classifieds will stick ya with a $9.95 insertion fee for most items, services or prop... Read More »

How do I remove items from eBay?

Scroll over the "My eBay" tab on the top right-hand corner of the screen (after you've logged in to your account) and select "Selling" from the drop-down menu.Scroll down to the item that needs to ... Read More »

How do you link your eBay items?

People can link to their items up for sale or auction on eBay in different ways. Typically, people who want to link to large numbers of items on eBay are developing a store of their own that they w... Read More »

How do you sell items on ebay?

Ok.... To start slow.... Ebay is a great place to sell things. its better to start as a buyer and learn get a feel for the site. First, go on to ebay and type in the BUY section what it is you wa... Read More »