How to Liquefy Berries and Sugar?

Answer You can make a tasty sauce to top desserts or pancakes by liquefying berries and sugar. The addition of lemon juice balances the sauce perfectly. Since the sauce is uncooked, the colors and flavors... Read More »

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Do goji berries lower blood sugar?

On One Hand: They Can Help Your Blood SugarThe Goji berry scores a 29 on the GI (glycemic index) scale. That is lower than apples, carrots, raisins and watermelon. The lower the number, the more sa... Read More »

What if the first guy to eat poisonous berries was just allergic and we're missing out on delicious berries?

Nowadays we have the technology to test foods for toxicity. Not only do we know which foods are poisonous, but we also know which poisons they contain and who will be affected. It wasn't that long ... Read More »

How to Liquefy Gas?

Gas is a state of matter in which the molecules are at a higher level of excitement, move more quickly, and are more spread apart than in liquids or solids, the other states of matter. In order to ... Read More »

How can you liquefy worm castings?

ANSWER: You can't totally liquefy it, but you can make it into a usable tea for fertilizing plants. This works with composted cow manure as well.Take about 2-3 cups of the dry material and put it i... Read More »