How to Linearize Graphs?

Answer Depending on how the points lie on a scatter plot, the graph that joins them may take several forms. For example, the points may form a curve, suggesting a logarithmic or exponential function. Desp... Read More »

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What Are Bar Graphs Used for?

Bar graphs are used to compare the relationship between two variables, usually independent and dependent, over a period of time. They are especially good for showing large changes over time of the ... Read More »

How to Calculate Graphs?

Learning how to calculate graphs correctly can help you interpret data in a variety of ways. Graphs can show relationship between different variables and how they change over time. They can show yo... Read More »

How to Read Pie Graphs?

Pie charts are the simplest graph for comparing parts of a whole. They are used to show anything that can be broken down into percentages, such as financial data like expenses or the percentage of ... Read More »

How to Log Graphs on a Calculator?

In math class, you will frequently have to create graphs, including those of logarithmic equations. Fortunately, your graphing calculator can save you a great deal of time with creating graphs, if ... Read More »