How to Line a Stove Top Burner With Aluminum Foil?

Answer When you have a stove that is not a flat top, foods can spill down into the stove burners while cooking. The foods continue to burn each time you turn on the stove burner, so it is best to figure o... Read More »

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Does a large burner on the stove use more electricity than a small burner?

Yes, a large burner uses more electricity than a small burner on an electric stove. The more coils are heated, the more heat, and therefore electricity, will be used. If you're trying to save elect... Read More »

How to Clean Tarnished Silver with Aluminum Foil?

Cleaning the precious silver pieces in your home does not have to involve scrubbing them with a harsh commercial product. You can easily remove tarnish from silver items by using boiling water, alu... Read More »

How to Repair Drywall Holes With Aluminum Foil?

Using joint compound and aluminum foil can provide a quick and easy solution for small, deep holes in drywall. When stuffed into the hole, the foil serves as a backing for the drywall filler. This ... Read More »

Cooking with cha: Have you ever had an aluminum foil cut?

Sort of? I cut myself on the sharp thing on the box that is supposed to cut the tin paper. That counts right? Of course it does. I ate a dandilion today.Just thought you'd want to know.Also, I'm a ... Read More »