How to Line a King Size Quilt?

Answer Quilting is, first and foremost, an art form, but there is a definite element of solid mathematics involved in creating a beautiful finished product. To neatly line a project as large as a king siz... Read More »

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Ironing, Washing up or Putting a king size quilt cover on a quilt?

All of the above + vaccuuming, dusting, cooking, cleaning.....That's why I'm on Yahoo Answers and not doing my housework!!

How big is a king size quilt?

King size quilts come in a number of sizes. Common sizes include (measurements in inches, width by length) 100 by 90; 104 by 90; and 105 by 95. A luxury king quilt is 114 by 98, and a king plus mea... Read More »

What is the standard measurement for a king size quilt?

There is no official standard for quilt sizing, though there are measurement ranges that can serve as guidelines. A king-size quilt should be between 104 and 120 inches wide and 110 to 118 inches l... Read More »

Poll what is the difference between a king size bed and a california king size bed?

A California King has more real estate, but unfortunately in this economy, the value sucks. hehehe..Seriously, Cali kings are for tall, skinny people...California King is 4 inches narrower than a ... Read More »