How to Line Your Mustache?

Answer Mustaches are a beautiful thing --- when done right. Facial hair grows regularly, so it is important to practice an effective mustache trimming routine. Mustache maintenance will line your mustache... Read More »

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How to Eat With a Mustache?

Growing facial hair, such as a mustache or beard, can alter or complement your appearance and provide a bit of warmth in cold weather. Just like hair needs to be shampooed and hands need to be wash... Read More »

To all who have a mustache!!?

Yes hello miss,I have a rather large handlebar mustache and i personally have a special routine i like to follow:Shampoo twiceCondition onceand finally, Grease with special Paul Mitchell Styling Ge... Read More »

How to Wax a Mustache?

To achieve the perfect handlebar mustache, you will need to apply mustache wax to get your whiskers to stay in the right position. Mustache wax allows you to mold and shape your mustache hairs into... Read More »

I HAVE A MUSTACHE what should i do?

Shaving cuts the hair at the level of the skin which is why you get the little 'holes'. It is actually just the hair. Waxing will pull the hair out by the root. You could get it waxed, then to main... Read More »