How to Line Drive Your Horse?

Answer While ground driving somewhat resembles driving a horse without a cart, it's a good way to teach a horse the basic commands used in riding before actually getting on it. This means horses too young... Read More »

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How to Get a Horse to Drop Its Head on the Lunge Line?

Teaching a horse to give to the bit during ground training and lunging requires the gradual practice of having a horse lower its head using a surcingle or draw reins. A surcingle is a large circula... Read More »

How to Make a Temporary Bow Line Knotted Halter for a Horse?

Every now and then, you may have need of a temporary halter for a horse. This halter is made by putting the end of a long rope around the neck of the horse and then tying a common bow-line knot.

How to Train a Horse to Drive?

Driving a horse is fun for the most of the family! Many horses and ponies can be broken to harness from miniatures to shires. Many horses or child's ponies are broken to harness after the children ... Read More »

How Do I Check a Flash Drive for a Virus or Trojan Horse?

Existing SoftwareOpen the anti-virus software installed on your computer, and make sure the suspect flash drive is inserted in a USB port. Most anti-virus programs give you the option to scan speci... Read More »