How to Limit Gaming or Any Program Usage Time with HomeGuard Program Blocker?

Answer Games overuse/addiction is a very serious problem that can hinder real life development, damage family relations and even lead to death in extreme cases! ([1])

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How to Restart a Program to Monitor CPU Usage?

Any open programs or software applications take up a percentage of your total available system resources. Programs require both memory and CPU cycles in order to execute instructions that allow the... Read More »

How to Limit a Windows User Account's Usage Time (in Vbscript)?

Windows Vista/7's rudimentary parental controls only allow you to control a user account's login hours, but not the total time it is logged in per day. Here is a VBScript to log the hours used and ... Read More »

What is a good program to erase all of my computer usage history?

Wow, you've asked about this like 4 times. LOL. I really want to know what you did that you're so scared of mom & dad finding.Unless one of your parents really know their salt with computers, whate... Read More »

How do I program a Limit Break in my Final Fantasy Fangame?

You forgot to mention if this is being coded from scratch and what development software is being used. Or if you are just modifying an existing application with your own changes..