How to Lighten One's Haircolor?

Answer Lightening your hair is a quick and easy way to brighten your appearance. Although it can be easily done on your own, it is best to only lighten your hair by one or two shades in order to avoid che... Read More »

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How to Lighten Dyed Haircolor?

You thought that dying your hair a darker color would make you look dark and mysterious but instead of sleek and sultry you look more goth and creepy. Luckily, lightening the permanent color may be... Read More »

Home Theatre Cables: Expensive Ones vs. Inexpensive Ones ?

Check out some home theater forums like AVSforum and others. Members have done blind and equipment tested...tests.I personally buy from monoprice . com. So do TONS of people from real home theater ... Read More »

How to Use a Haircolor Remover Kit?

Whether you have a professional dye your hair or you do it yourself, mistakes can happen. If you are not pleased with the color of your hair there are solutions. An over-the-counter hair color remo... Read More »

Is bald a haircolor...?

Only if nudity is just another clothing option.