How to Lighten My Toes?

Answer A few areas on the skin are subject to friction such as the toes, knees, elbows and underarms. Shoes and socks rubbing against the feet lead to discoloration in some people. Lightening the toes is ... Read More »

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My toes are BLEEDING!!!?

yea of course. just like u get cuts u can get cuts on your toes too! Its no big deal girl lol :] Just put medicine and stuff and maby peroxide or achool so the germs will get off. It will sting but... Read More »

Is it bad to run on your tip-toes...?

actually you can fall and then you can get hurt

How to Massage Toes?

They may be the last place you would expect to carry any tension, but it’s true--toes need massaging too. After all, they’re involved in our every step all day long, helping us balance and supp... Read More »

How do men get hammer toes?

Hammer toes are abnormalities that appear on the PIP joint of the second, third or fourth toe. This middle joint becomes deformed by tightened ligaments and tendons that add pressure on the toe and... Read More »