How to Lighten Brows?

Answer Some people lighten their eyebrows after lightening their hair. The Beauty Magazine website notes that women who dye their dark brown hair to light blonde will look more natural after lightening th... Read More »

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Do you think uni brows or thick eye brows are attractive?

thick eyebrows are definitely attractive...on the right face/eyes. As long as you keep them groomed shaped. Uni-brows...maybe, but only on the right face/eyes. The uni-brow look would be much harde... Read More »

How to Do Your Brows?

Eyebrows help frame your face and bring attention to your eyes. They also help you communicate and express different emotions. You can have your eyebrows groomed into many different shapes, ranging... Read More »

Why do u need eye brows?

They are supposed to help keep dirt and debris and (believe it or not) skin mites out of your eyes.I've always wanted to wax mine off completely but alas, I do not want to look like a freak lol

How to Groom Brows?

Pluck and shape your eyebrows to perfection.