How to: Lightbox With HTML?

Answer Lightbox allows Web developers to display multiple images on a single HTML page. Clicking on an altered link will show each assigned image in an internal pop-up window. The effect is accomplished u... Read More »

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How to Configure Lightbox 2 With Drupal?

Lightbox 2 is a "simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images," according to the Lightbox 2 developer. When the Lightbox 2 Drupal module is activated and configured, the Lightbox 2 script is ... Read More »

How to Add to Lightbox?

Lightbox is a popular low profile Java script that makes it easy to highlight photographs featured on your website in a manner that puts them up front and center. By adding Lightbox to your website... Read More »

Lightbox JS V2.0 Tutorial?

Lightbox JS 2.0 is a JavaScript applet that displays photographs in a simple, unobtrusive manner by overlaying the image on top of existing web content. Furthermore, Lightbox JS 2.0 darkens the exi... Read More »

How to Use Lightbox in WordPress?

Lightbox is a script that is used to dynamically display linked images without loading a new page. The script accomplishes this by overlaying the image on the page in a simple slideshow module. Vie... Read More »