How to Light an Exterior Gas Lamp?

Answer Exterior gas lamps offer a unique way to create light and ambiance on your patio or front walkway. Gas lamps use either a natural gas supply line or an LP tank to fuel the lamp. Lighting an exterio... Read More »

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I have a sony wega 50 inch tv and the lamp light is flashing what's the next step replace lamp?

Yes now you change the lamp.But there's nothing to it.Just get to the back of the tv and in the bottom very outside corners of the tv you will see to big plastic knob's with a slot in them.Just loo... Read More »

How to Install Exterior RV Light?

Exterior lights on an RV can make all the difference when you're in the middle of a pitch-black forest and need to search through the bottom storage or find an earring on the ground. Many RV units ... Read More »

How to Replace Exterior Light Fixtures?

Exterior lighting provides both beauty to the home and safety in dark paths or walkways. When an exterior fixture becomes outdated or no longer works properly, it is easy to replace. Upgrading an e... Read More »

How far should you dig to install an exterior light post?

When digging a footer for for a light post, you should dig at least 22 inches deep. This ensures that the cement footer you put down doesn't shift when the ground frosts or it rains. Underneath the... Read More »