How to Light a Propane Construction Heater?

Answer Propane construction heaters are often called "torpedo" heaters because of the cylindrical tube design. This type of heater has a high output to warm work areas and help dry materials in cold weath... Read More »

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Can you use a propane heater indoors?

Propane heaters can be used indoors, but only if you use one that is specifically designed for interior use. Never attempt to heat your home using an outdoor propane heater. If you detect an unpl... Read More »

How big of a propane heater is needed for a two car garage?

Save energy--and money--by selecting the right size of a propane heater for your two-car garage. Consider a few simple factors to ensure that you choose the correct-size heater to fulfill your need... Read More »

Can I convert my propane gas heater to natural gas?

Converting a propane gas heater to natural gas may be done, but only if the proper parts for conversion are used. In some instances, a gas heater may only be equipped to use one type of gas, which... Read More »

How much is a propane catalytic heater?

The cost for a propane catalytic heater can vary depending on the model. In general, the heater can cost between $40 for a portable version and $100 for higher-scale models.References:Camping Comfo... Read More »